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ACS Code Of Conduct - Professional Ethical Guidelines For ICT Professionals


Discuss about the Professional Ethics for ACS Code of Professional Conduct.


Ethical Scenario: The ACS code of conduct is a process under which organisations and individuals develop a set of guidelines based on which they operate and carry out their duties (Australian Computer Society, 2014). As an analyst am supposed to uphold the set ethical standards falling under ICT professionals before making a final decision, taking action and documenting the progress. As a system analyst, I am supposed to analyses and review the ethical standards falling under the ICT professional before making any decision. Once a decision has been made I would be held responsible for the decision and will be answerable for the effects the decision has had on the operation

My job roles require me to first analyse the projects accounts to determine the projects components are being accounted for. Once reviewed I would be responsible for reporting the finding to my reporting manager on a daily basis while outlining the details of the review. This not only allows for the ICT analysis protocol to be followed on a daily basis but also allows for engagement between all stake holders regarding the outlined issues. My current ICT project involves evaluating customer interactions and participation and deactivating dormant accounts. Over time each process will accumulate a large number of dormant accounts. While this is a process aimed at reducing the number of storage space occupied by the accountants it also has the capability of deleting potential and valuable account holders

To prevent loss of account holders who may intend to retain their account for future use, it will be advisable to follow the ICT protocol which requires for the all account holders to be formally notified regarding the account deletion process. All registered Account holders will be intimated with a formal email and SMS which will inform them regarding the account deletion campaign. The communication will also prompt account holders to reply using a special link if they do not want their account deleted.

This will filter the genuine users from spam users thus helping determine potential account holders who can be retained in the system. A large number of accounts are registered for marketing purpose and in many situations they are simply single use accounts resulting in many credentials being lost after the marketing campaign has been addressed.

Following ACS code of conduct and Ethics will help reduce the number of spam accounts from the system but at the same time also formally communicate the proposed move to account holders. This will help inform them regarding the account holder who intend on retaining their accounts for future use which will act a moral behaviour which prevents negative public sentiment and misconduct. This move will also help promote public sentiment towards the brand and help boost public interest in the brand due to best practice and integrity towards the workplace and profession.

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