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Acculturation Management Assignment Exploring The Use Of Acculturation Towards Smooth Business Operations And Performance.


Task: How to assess business operations and performance using acculturation management assignment strategies?


This acculturation management assignment would identify the definition of acculturation and the main benefits of inclusive management. It would utilise the necessary theories for acculturation and inclusive Management process by which it can properly demonstrate its importance in the context of a multinational organisation. This acculturation management assignment illustrates the utilisation of academic theories for supporting the process of acculturation. Finally, it would provide the reflection on the basis of the current skill set by which the areas for improvement can be identified in an easier manner. The utilisation of the diagnostic test would help to generate the necessary feedback that would be elaborated through the personal development plan.

Acculturation management assignment management
The acculturation can be elaborated by the antecedent factors that mainly demonstrate the necessary strategies which are employed on the basis of the acculturation theory. According to Akosah-Twumasi et al. (2020), the theory of acculturation is mainly stated that the process of cultural change is required to be developed by engaging the individuals from various cultural backgrounds by which day can be prolonged and maintain a continuous first-hand relation with each other. It has been identified that the theory is mainly developed on the basis of five conditions which include the characteristics of the society of origin, receive society, immigrant group, personal characteristics and the perceived intergroup relationship. The proper maintenance of all the characteristics offered to maintain the orientation by which the individuals can adopt the mainstream culture or they can maintain the heritage culture. The utilisation of the theory of acculturation can provide three necessary outcomes from different perspectives. Psychological well-being is the prime perspective in which the outcome can be recognised by the psychological distress, feelings of acceptance, mood states and the satisfaction of the individuals define the success (Gamsakhurdia, 2018). The socio-cultural competency in the mainstream culture demonstrates the introduction within the host and the adapting individual by which the acquisition of behaviours and skills for the majority culture can be depicted in the job performance of the employees. The acculturation management assignment theory can also be depicted on the socio-cultural competency in the Heritage culture. The socio-cultural competency including the introduction between the individuals of different cultures helps to develop the Heritage skills and behaviours that need to be maintained between two different individuals belonging from different cultural backgrounds.

After discussing the acculturation management assignment theory it is important to demonstrate inclusive management. As stated by Longoni and Cagliano (2018), inclusive management provides the capability to integrate the heterogeneous profile within the organisation that can generate opportunities for the betterment of the overall performance in which the inclusion process provides the involvement of different individuals that maintains designated job roles within the organisation. It provides different benefits in organisational performance and the work environment. The implementation of inclusive management helps the leaders to develop new operating rules that are mainly generated on the basis of common values and permeability. It not only impacts the suitability and acceptability of all the actors in the organisation but also facilitates the interaction between corporate social responsibility and human resources. As described by Michalena et al. (2020), the theory of inclusive management provides some core competencies to the leaders by which the inclusive leadership can demonstrate the awareness of the preference and bias of the leader by actively seeking out the different perspectives for making better decisions. From the demonstration of the acculturation management assignment theory, it can be stated that idealised influence and awareness are the two prime competencies that provide the opportunity to the employees of an organisation to be motivated on their designated job role for providing higher productivity and increased job satisfaction irrespective of their cultural background. The importance of this theory can also be identified on the benefit of improving the problem-solving process across the organisation.

Acculturation management assignment Reflection
The diagnostic test has been considered on the basis of different aspects from which the result has been demonstrated. According to the taste, I have identified that my personality type is the protagonist and I am 74% extrovert, which depicts that I am capable of initiating and introducing myself within the given environment (16Personalities, 2022). I have identified the characteristics of the protagonist to be loud regarding their values including altruism and authenticity. Therefore, my personality type has the uncanny ability for picking up the underlying beliefs and motivations of people. The next perspective of the result includes the energy in which I am 54% intuitive. The acculturation management assignment defines that the protagonist's personality has a major trait of caring for someone by solving their problems at any cost. It not only assists the grateful advice for the people but also generates a reputation by improving the livelihood of the other people. I have identified that I am always prepared to resolve the issues of other individuals in my educational career where I provide support and necessary guidance with the help of my knowledge to make them understand the study topic. The next topic is nature in which I am triggered by my feelings instead of my thinking ability.


It has been identified that the individual with the protagonist personality type has generated the devotion in altruism and they are prepared to experience slings and arrows to stand up alone for the people. In this context, I have also identified that I have my belief in the ideas I produce which is one of my major strengths by which I can be capable of guiding other people to work together by perceiving their feelings. The next point identified on this acculturation management assignment is tactics in which the result identified 81% of judging personality instead of prospecting. This particular trait demonstrates the approach of work decision making and planning of an individual in which I have identified that I judged the people on the basis of their abilities not by listening to the others. The next topic is identity in which the result has depicted 61% assertive rather than turbulent (16Personalities, 2022). I have underpinned all the confidence in my traits and the assertive identity helps me to develop my decisions and abilities with my confidence. Therefore, the result of the diagnostic traits has depicted my major strengths including passion, reliability, receptiveness, charisma and altruism. On the other hand, my weaknesses involve being overly idealistic, intense, overly empathetic and unrealistic.

Personal development plan





Review & Time Scale:

Professional confidence

I would like to enhance my professional confidence for which I would like to engage in the workshop and professional meetings.

I would need support from my lecturer and module guide who would provide necessary guidance and communicate regarding the experiences for gaining confidence.

Present better attitude in professional field

6 months

Control idealistic understanding

I would like to take part in real-life situations to develop my skill set in the informed decision making process. I can also participate in the different simulations of the managerial operation would help me to develop my Idealistic understanding.

The necessary resources would be the proper login credentials for participating in the simulation and real-life experience.

Making informed decision making irrespective of the influence of idealistic understanding.

6 months

Reduce unrealistic attitude

 I would like to take part in the social group as a member of the community by which I can identify the reality in the attitude of the people.

I would require the approval of the group admin to participate in the social group activities.

Present better emotional understanding while working in group on the acculturation management assignment

3-4 weeks

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