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Accounting Assignment: A Review on Issues Encounter by Corporate Governance


Task: Search two journal articles published within the past 5 years relating to Entrepreneurial Personality Traits. Prepare an accounting assignment presenting a review on two articles in 1000 words.


In this accounting assignment, a work on Article Review has been taken into consideration with the purpose of discussing the issues that corporate governance face with regard to accounting and finance. Two articles are taken into focus which discusses the issues that are faced in accounting and finance.

For the following review, articles that are chosen are ‘Determinants of the decision to adopt Islamic finance’ written by Yasmeen Al Balushi, Stuart Locke and ZakariaBoulanouar. This article was published on 17 June 2019. The article’s aim is to investigate if there is a manager's purpose to embrace Islamic finance which depends on the knowledge of their characteristic of the firm. The second article selected is ‘Strategic an investment decision-making practice in large manufacturing companies’ written by FadiAlkaaran that was published on 23 March 2020 has been selected for analysis. This article mainly examines the assumption of emergent and conventional ways in Strategic Investment Decision Making (SIDM).

Summary and analysis
Article 1

Al Balushi, Y., Locke, S. and Boulanouar, Z., 2019. Determinants of the decision to adopt Islamic finance: evidence from Oman. ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance.

In this article, it has been stated that for all policy concerns the capital structure and financial policies are an important part for all small and big enterprises. It portrays the fact that in many other Islamic countries as well as in Oman, SMEs is a choice given between Islamic and non-Islamic finance while undertaking financial decisions. The option that is chosen has the capacity to change the structure of any financial establishment. SMEs are known to be the engine of economic growth and it has become very significant around the world for their decision on economic and financial development. They also form the formation of all socio-economic development.

This article examines the influence of the firm possessor’s Islamic financial knowledge of gain and loss finance. This learning highlights whether it is the attributes of the owner of the firm or the company itself that has an effect on SMEs' opinion to adopt Islamic finance. The nine major core markets that are highlighted in this article for Islamic banking are Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar and these countries are Industry’s key driving market. The government has also had to boost its effort to encourage SMEs which is particularly if there are circumstances where economic diversification is needed. It has a great influence on the nation’s GDP growth, innovation and job creation. As said by Lazarchik, et al., (2020), the fact that Oman’s SMEs make up 90% of all the companies, also has 20% contribution to GDP and 40% contribution to the Sultanate's workforce.

Article 2
Alkaraan, F., 2020. Strategic investment decision-making practices in large manufacturing companies. Meditari Accountancy Research.

This article shows that UK companies have chosen not to use the analysis techniques. The SIDM has been influenced by the pre-decision control mechanisms which usually includes all the external and internal contextual factors which may include financial consideration, organization strategies, compromising formal approval governance mechanism and other compliance strategies that helps to interact with the companies’ control system (Elmassriet al., 2020). Non-financial factors are incorporated by the companies with all the strategic investment opportunities of quantitative analysis. The companies’ environmental management considers energy efficiency and carbon reduction as their urgent factors which are relevant for compliance with legislation.

The article shows that the SIDM reflects how the ways of handing organizational resources can use the art of science that can provide a desired strategy. So, it is stated that in order to get proper knowledge of the SIDM practices and to line up all the organizational strategy a huge amount of observation has to be given to the options chosen and art of all the pre-decision control and also to the things that give the strategic management accounting a good shape and also to all those tools that has control over the financial analysis techniques which are made by previous empirical researches.

Strength and limitations of article
Strengths of article 1

The article gives a clear view of all the theories that are relevant to financial behavior of SMEs. The article has used a face-to-face interview method for data collection that reduces any change of potential confusion and helps to produce high quality data. This article is based to explain the capital and financial policy of Oman and other Islamic states. This example-review article is analysed accordingly in order to promote the Small and Medium enterprises (Bananuka, et al., 2020). In addition to this decision making can be simplified by understanding the Islamic expression of financial policy. This can strengthen the development of any business and also administer the decision-making capability of any leader.

Strengths of article 2
This article helps its readers to get updated about the Strategic Investment Decision-Making practice that is done in many big manufacturing companies. Strategic investment decision making upholds itself as analysis techniques. Use of this technique and then analyse according to the demand of any opportunity can develop the organizational strategy. The major strength of this article is reviewed according to the development of pre-decision and strategic involvement.

Limitations of article 1
The findings of the study do not give generalized information about big public firms. The non-financial and behavioral factors were not explored in this article. This article is based only on the analysis of Muscat, Oman. This makes the article be fixed only on a single demographic (Zaimsyah, 2020). In addition to this, the analysis related to other economic structures is not present in the article limiting its criteria of analysis.

Limitations of article 2
There is not much evidence present in literature about how the companies' strategies for decision making get influenced by the disinvestment of their strategic investment. According to Elmassri and Abdelrahman (2020), the alignment is based on the companies working in the UK only. However, the article does not correspond to the opportunity of other medium enterprises that work as a transnational company. Moreover, the structure and PESTLE analysis of the UK is completely different from other countries limiting the economic relationship.

The articles can be improved in many ways. In Article 1, there should be many future studies constructed which can help in conducting surveys with a wider illustration of Omani SME owners. The behavioral factor needs to be analyzed and surveyed as it has a huge influence on SME owner Islamic financial decisions. The finding should be more universal so that it can include most of the small scale and large-scale businesses. In Article 2, the main process of SDIM is ambiguity, high risk and complexity. The study should have been in the proper location and the selected companies’ size and sector and queries should have been addressed. The following article indicates that there should be future research that can examine the SIDM procedures in different environments which can further investigate the relative collision it has on various organization control structures on SIDM practices.

From the above reviews it can be concluded that the first article gives a clear portrait that the SME is important and should be adopted to make enlightened and self-assured decisions to adopt Islamic financing. This, in turn, shows that Islamic banks in Oman also help to expand their understanding and recognition of the propositions and the ways in which the Islamic financial institution operates. The second article a key insight is received that states that any attainment of amalgamation is in the middle of the firm’s strategic investment project and the organization’s comprehensive strategy. All the strategic decisions are seen to be in on-off mode and in repetitive decisions all the information supports the evaluation which has to be comparatively distinctive.

Al Balushi, Y., Locke, S. and Boulanouar, Z., 2019. Determinants of the decision to adopt Islamic finance: evidence from Oman. ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance.Available at:

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Lazarchik, A.I., Zainutdinova, E.E. and Ahmetova, I.A., 2020. INNOVATION AS A FACTOR OF SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF MUNICIPAL EDUCATIONS (ON THE EXAMPLE OF THE REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN).hamdardislamicus, 43(S-1), pp.1344-1349. Zaimsyah, A.M., 2020. Factors Affecting the Distribution of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Financing in Islamic Banks. AL-FALAH: Journal of Islamic Economics, 5(1), pp.38-51.


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