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   Free sample   A critical psychology assignment on health psychology theory and research as relevant to health in workplace

A critical psychology assignment on health psychology theory and research as relevant to health in the workplace


Task: Can you critically appraise the role of health psychological theory and research that contributes to health in the workplace in your psychology assignment?


Health psychology theory is a conception of the proper psychological wellbeing of the workplace which is necessary for the employees working under any organization. There are many biological models mentioned in this psychology assignment regarding the mental sickness of the employees which acts as barriers for the development of the individual (Mo et al., 2019). The application of health psychology theory is important in the workplace in order to increase the better work culture inside the company. An ideal workplace always follows a healthy work culture by implementing the psychological theories which are generated by some psychologists. The health psychology assignment theories are implemented in the workplace by empowering the motivation support providing training, acknowledgement and behaviour of the hierarchy to the employees (Huang et al., 2020). “The health belief model”, “The model of what life balance”, “Maslow's model of hierarchy” are some of the health psychology theories implemented in the workplace (Yuen et al., 2020). In this psychology assignment“The health belief model”(HBD) is chosen as the matter of discussion.

Psychology assignment discussion
Needle sick prevention behavior: the needle prevention signifies the unnecessary implementation of legal activities for a sick or ill person. In psychology which is related to the workplace and the healthy wellbeing of the employees, the prevention of needle sick behavior signifies the excessive work pressure which acts as a scorching torment of painful pocking of needles (Alsulaiman&Rentner, 2018). Health psychology assignment depicts that the work division should be equal among the employees so that an individual does not feel that he is pressured by the authority for any kind of partial behavior. According to the health belief modelmentioned in this psychology assignment, the team leaders and managers of the ideal organizations divide the word pressure equaly among the team members that nobody feels over pressurized and it increases the internet of the employees to work under the leadership of the hierarchy. According to the health believe model there is no chance of pressurizing the employees according to the health belief model that the mental psychology of an employee always gets support from the managers, leaders and hierarchy.

Perceived threat:
The employees of some organizations suffer from perceived threats. The mean threats that the employees suffer from are the challenges regarding their job security and the diverse work culture which sometimes disturbed their psychological balance (Chin &Mansori, 2018). For example, during the recent pandemic time, many organizations are going through losses and they have started the process of recession to ensure cost-cutting. These are the perceived threats for the employees, mentioned in the psychology assignment that should be mitigated by the employers and it is another key opinion of the health belief theory for the workplace that the employers can ensure the job security and wellbeing of the employees.

Cues action:
Cues actions are some initiatives taken by the employers in order to acknowledge the performances of the employees (Alsulaiman&Rentner, 2018). For example, in the annual general meeting, the good performers should be acknowledged by the employers by rewarding or acknowledging their good achievements in front of the entire organization (Chin &Mansori, 2018). According to the health belief model mentioned in the psychology assignment, employers should take the necessary action to counsel employees who are not able to reach their target inside the workplace. It is not always true that the individual employee is not capable of achieving the goal of his or her job role (Alsulaiman&Rentner, 2018). However sometimes due to some personal reasons or some diverse situation inside the workplace, the employees cannot provide the best performance which can be dragged out by the proper motivation of the leaders. The health belief model shows the proper path for the organizations to motivate their employees. As per the psychology assignment some ideal organizations also hire counsellors or psychologists to motivate their employees through seminars or webinars for developing their interpersonal skills of the employees.

Self-efficiency in the psychology assignment:
The health belief model provides the way to reach the ultimate efficiency of the employees according to scientific theory (Keech et al., 2020). It is scientifically proven in the psychology assignment that if an individual is continuously told that he or she is not capable of performing better, it de-motivates the individual in any sector. In the workplace, it is sometimes observed that if an employee is not able to reach the given target the hierarchy misbehaves, and sometimes the employee. It leaves a very negative impact on the individual and the individual starts thinking that he is not capable of doing any better performance which completely breaks their willpower. The health belief model suggest that employers continuously motivate the employees and particularly point out the good sides of their performance (Fix et al., 2019). They should provide proper training to mitigate the shortcoming or loopholes in the performance of the employees so that the employee may be motivated and become able to develop his performance with the help of the motivation provided by the organization.

Perceived benefits:
According to the health belief model mentioned in this psychology assignment, some benefits are definitely provided to the employees apart from the salaries they are getting. At first,the employees should get a justified and proper salary or wages from the organization as per their job responsibilities. This motivation compels the employee to work harder and to be loyal to his organization (Fix et al., 2019). On the other hand, the other benefits such as medical facilities or providing them with some appraisals are a bonus if they are able to reach the target is the way to provide perceived benefits. Apart from the salaries,the other benefits such as flexible shift timing, proper division of work inside a team, and good behaviors of the management staff towards the common employees are most important to imply the health belief model inside the workplace culture. For example, if an organization is continuing the entire work pressure by dividing it into three shapes the shift should be rotational and all the employees should get some different shapes according to the particular interval such as weekly or fortnightly (Keech et al., 2020). if an employee is continuously getting the night shift and another employee is continuously getting the day shift the health of the first employee will be damaged which will create some negative conception about the organization (Chin &Mansori, 2018). According to the HBD model mentioned in this psychology assignment, these are the perceived benefits for the employees.

Perceived barriers:
There are some barriers to implement the health belief model in the workplace culture. All the employees and the management staff are not always properly abiding by the health belief models and this is the primary barrier for the organizations to implement the HBD model for the welfare of the organization and staff. The proper coordination and communication between the team members and team leaders are necessary to implement the health belief model in an organization. However, there are some dominating team leaders who do not take care of the psychological health of their team members which negatively affects the psychology of the employees. In spite of sharing their problems and demands in front of the leaders, the employees are afraid of the behavior of the leaders and it creates a huge psychological pressure on their minds which is a barrel for the psychological welfare of the organizational employees (Hagger et al., 2020). These should be properly followed by both the employees and the managers at the proper work balance of the organization sustains a better psychological environment in an organization.

Demographic variables:
The demographic variables depend on the mental health of the individual employees of an organization. All the employees of an organization. The leaders of the managers should understand the individual psychology of each and every employee working under his leadership to properly motivate the individual in a positive manner. As per the findings of the psychology assignment the demographic of the individual employees should be understood by the leaders as the people hired to provide psychological support to the employees so that the skill development of every individual can be done in a proper and necessary method (Hagger et al., 2020). According to the health belief method the possible way to understand the demographic of the employees is to access the performance for a certain time period and to organize some psychotherapy sessions for the employees to get the proper status of their mind under the pressure of their job responsibilities.

The psychology assignment is an essay on the necessity of adopting psychological theories or models for the healthy wellbeing of the employees of an organization. The psychology assignment has adopted the health belief model to understand the psychology of the employees from the end of the employers. The better work culture inside an organization is at most necessary and the employees are the most valuable assets of an organization. The proper implementation of the health belief model in an organization is responsible for creating an ideal work culture inside an organization which increases the interpersonal skills of the employees and it is also helpful to increase the productivity of the organization. This psychology assignment is a brief discussion of the importance of the healthcare model and the implementation of these models on the culture of the workplace. On the other hand, it is a guideline to the employers to behave sensibly to the employees for their healthy psychological wellbeing.

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