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Organisational Behaviour Assignment: Role of Internal Team Commitment within Commonwealth Bank of Australia



Organisational Behaviour Assignment Description: This 1000-word report (+/-10%) analyses an organisation (any organisation of your choice from anywhere in the world as long as it is able to be found online) by reviewing how team structure, team dynamic and individual member behaviours are likely to affect team success and development. It does this through applying a range of theoretical analytical frameworks.


Executive Summary
This study developed in the organisational behaviour assignment has focussed on the brief historical background of Commonwealth Bank, Australia. It will also discuss the effectiveness of group work of the organization as well as the desired level of group dynamics of the bank that has assisted in the achievement of the improved organizational outcome. Further, it will also highlight the theoretical aspects associated with the formation of group dynamics and teamwork.

Background of Commonwealth Bank Australia
The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is the leading financial provider of financial services such as premium, business as well as institutional banking, investment, insurance, and share broking products. The bank was established in 1911, headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The organization has more than 800,000 shareholders as well as 52,000 employees. This bank assists the citizens of Australia to manage as well as build their finances accordingly (Commonwealth Bank, 2021). It is also the largest consumer bank in Australia operating in the field of retail banking, institutional banking and market, business as well as private banking, and international financial services. Moreover, the Commonwealth Bank also has one sector in New Zealand comprising of fund management, banking operations, and insurance business.

How the organization increases the effectiveness of group work
Commonwealth Bank can enhance the effectiveness of group work with the help of group effort as well as group knowledge and skill. In the case of a group effort, it has been found that the amount of effort that a member of the group exerts towards the accomplishment of the task needs to be considered. The culture of teamwork at Commonwealth bank, Australia varies depending on the team members (McQuerrey, 2019). In some teams, it is found that there are higher chances of socialization as well as variation in teamwork. Moreover, the team members try their best to deliver their skills because of the flexibility and the diversity that exists between them. The bank always supports the employees to be their best and thus takes them to a place where they find it easier to express themselves highlighting their uniqueness (Whiting et al. 2020). It can be said that with the help of group effort, it becomes easier for the organization to develop a pipeline for the employees so that they receive real experience towards their careers.

Group knowledge and skills assist the team members to take decisions and solve the problems in the organization. With the help of group skills, it becomes easier for the team members to carry out the communication and thus make changes to the work done as per the feedback received. Further, the team members also learn to develop the skills that are essential to take charge of the meetings (Notgrass et al. 2018). The team members of the Commonwealth Bank with the help of their knowledge and skills try their best to enhance the group performance across different teams. This also assists in the development of trust among the team members and thus they feel secured to share their ideas and feelings (Sehgal, 2021). There also develops a sense of team loyalty as well as cheerfulness in the group and thus it assists the team members who experience difficulties.

The desired group dynamic within the organization that can help it achieve better organizational outcomes
With the help of group dynamics, it becomes easier for the team members to assist in the development of the team within the bank. However, it is important to identify the positive and the negative aspects within the group that is likely to affect the group. Further, there should be proper planning made to solve varied types of problems affecting the group members. In the case of Commonwealth Bank, as it has been found that there exist, multiple groups, it is important to provide feedback to all the team members based on their experience and knowledge (Organisational Behaviour, 2021). This will make it easier to concentrate on the task with proper direction thereby assisting in the development of the improved level of dynamics.

In Commonwealth Bank, with the help of group dynamics, it will be easier to know the team members and thus the learning among the group takes place across different phases. Moreover, when a task is carried out in a group, an individual can also identify the potential problem and thus understand how the entire task can be managed in groups (Organisational Behaviour, 2021). As there are different departments in Commonwealth bank, there should be a clear division of the job roles and the responsibilities so that the customers do not return unsatisfied. This fulfilment of the customer's desires and responsibilities is the objective and the mission of the bank and thus with the help of the team-building exercise, the entire process can be carried out smoothly.

Theoretical Explanation of the Proposed Solution
The team analysis theory can be considered to be linked with the group effort as this theory focuses that the team members will never fall apart and thus it is important to analyze the situation accordingly (Cico et al. 2021). It is essential to develop an improved understanding of the teamwork theories as this will assist to get out the best among the team members. Further, it is the responsibility of the team manager to develop unity among the team members with the help of this theory thereby thinking that this theory is a perfect choice for the fulfillment of the objectives (Salas et al. 2018).

The group knowledge and skills among the team members are likely to lead to the improvement of performance over time along with a shared level of understanding. The team members within the group can be considered to be cohesive thereby posing the characteristics of integrity, social integration as well as solidarity (Groysberg et al. 2018). Further, it has been found that the group members must also try their best to improve the cohesion relationship among the team members thereby enhancing their productivity to a great extent. There should also be careful attempts made in checking the performance of the team members thereby assisting in the formation of effective teams (Forsyth, 2021).

Thus, it can be said that as the team members of Commonwealth bank will pass on to different stages associated with the formation of the group and thus it is important to stay committed to it. It is the responsibility of the team members to arrive at a valid decision from which they can find out more useful resources can thus carry out the group work accordingly. The team members must also try to generate more ideas as well as solutions in discussing the problem thereby arriving at a proper solution to discuss the problem. Therefore, it can be said that the decision of the group members can be considered to be important than the individual decision of the team members.

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