Plagiarism In Research

What Is Plagiarism In Research?

The unethical activity of intentionally or unintentionally using the words or ideas of another author, researcher, or your prior works without giving due credit is known […]
How many letters in the alphabet

A Snippet of Seven Major Alphabetical Systems from Different Parts of the World

How many letters in the alphabet sound similar? According to linguists, an alphabet is a group of fundamental written symbols that constitute a phoneme in a […]

Understanding What is an Allusion

Have you come across an online mystery that has compelled you to dig deep for hours? Have you ever found yourself going “down the rabbit hole” […]

Definition and Examples of Juxtaposition

Contrast has a lot of power. Only the darkness of space allows you to view the light of the stars at night. You can create contrast […]
Narrative Imagery

Using Narrative Imagery to Enhance Writing

“Truth is stranger than fiction,” says the narrator. That is a questionable point, but fiction could be several things that reality can’t be. That’s one of […]

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Write a Critique

Many students believe that critique writing is just about finding flaws in other people’s work while learning how to write a critique. That, however, is not […]
How to revise an essay?

How to Revise an Essay?

One of the most crucial steps in the writing process is revising and editing. It is a time-consuming process and can take as long as it […]
How Long is a Thesis Statement

How Long is a Thesis Statement?

Before understanding exactly how long is a thesis statement, we need to understand the term itself. Considering it as a central element of an essay, a […]
What Is Storytelling

What Is Storytelling?

It is the ability to narrate a particular event which is termed as storytelling. The task-related to storytelling could be traced to journalism, management, psychotherapy, adult […]