Cross Sectional Data

Cross Sectional Data And Other Data Types In Econometrics

As the field of econometrics and finance requires analysis on large sets of data in order to identify the various financial indices. It is necessary to […]

What Is Teel Structure And How To Best Utilise It?

TEEL is an acronym which stands for Topic Sentence, Explanation, Evidence and Link. It is a writing technique which is used while writing a paragraph in an essay.
Emotive Language

Emotive Language: What it is and How it can help you?

Language helps up convey our thoughts, ideas, opinions, and emotions. When emotions are conveyed through words and sentences the type of language used to achieve that […]

Important Language Features You Should Know

Throughout the history of mankind, language and its various features and aspects have played a very crucial role. The evolution of human beings has had a […]
kinds of generic conventions

Introduction to Generic Conventions and Its Types

Nowadays, students are finding it hard to understand the basic concepts and theories provided in their academic literature. This problem is faced by the students because […]
technique of Language Analysis

4 Steps to Mastering Language Techniques and Analysis

We have been approached by a lot of confused students asking what is Language Analysis and how to master it? So, we are here presenting an […]
nature vs nurture essay

Nature Vs Nurture Essay: A Guide And Introduction

The nature vs nurture is a debate which has been prevalent since the dawn of medical advancements. It is an argument between human psychology and biology. […]
Australian Education System

A Guide to the Australian Education System

The Australian Education System is one of the most well-structured and prestigious education systems. That is the reason students from all over the world are looking […]
Types of Research

Types of Research and its Importance

Research Research is the systematic and comprehensive study of a particular subject or problem to gain in-depth knowledge about it. Research is done on various topics […]