Thesis definition

Thesis definition and how to plan for it!

The assignment submitted by a student to attain an academic degree, which focuses on his researches and findings obtained from it, could be classified under the […]
relationship management skills

9 Relationship Management Skills That Boost Your Business

If you are reading this article, it means you want to know what new skills you should learn to boost your business. Well, it all depends […]
rectangular prism

Importance And Characteristics Of Rectangular Prisms

Major rules The section of prisms holds a great significance to a student who is pursuing his degree in the discipline of mathematics. A mathematical student […]
Student Bank Account UK

Student Bank Account UK: Precautions, Measures, Documentation & Process

If you have just moved to the United Kingdom to pursue your further studies, you will need a bank account for your urgent and day to […]
Properties And Molar Mass Of Ethanol

An Overview Of The Properties And Molar Mass Of Ethanol

Ethanol This research paper will explore the molar mass of ethanol to understand its properties and components. This If looked down on the origin of the […]
area of equilateral triangle

Evolution of Area Of Equilateral Triangle

This report will explore the best strategies to calculate the Area of Equilateral Triangle. In the discipline of triangles, the triangles are the most researched and […]
Starting University Tips For The Students

Starting University Tips For The Students From Abroad

If a student opts to go abroad for pursuing his academic studies, it would be quite obvious that the person is not intending to just complete […]
Percentage Error Formula

Mean Percentage Error Formula: A Statistical Analysis

Definition The original variation between the actual value and the calculated value extracted in the form of percentage is termed to be the percentage error. This […]
Pythagoras theorem

A Holistic Analysis Of Pythagoras Theorem Formula

Pythagoras Theorem In the discipline of mathematics, the Pythagoras theorem holds immense significance and had unfolded different mysteries and areas of research in the triangle geometry. […]