Feynman technique

How to Use the Feynman Technique for effective Learning?

Learning is defined as the potential or process of acquiring knowledge, talents, ideas, values, and various other things. Some people believe that learning can only occur […]
Types of Chemical Bonds

What are the Different Types of Chemical Bonds?

Are you aware that diamonds are the solid form of elemental carbon, with their atoms organised in a crystalline lattice? The term ‘diamond’ is based on […]

What is the difference between GRE vs GMAT?

Many challenges and ambiguity await you as you attempt to manoeuvre your way to getting admitted into a foreign institution. Knowing the specific distinction between the […]
Labelling Theory

What is the Labelling Theory?

The labelling theory is one of the most fundamental methods of determining the nature of a crime. Therefore, its comprehension is essential for people seeking in-depth […]
Standard of Deferred Payment

Standard of Deferred Payment

First, let us begin with the definition of the term “deferred payment” before moving on to the standard of deferred payment. A user can defer or […]
how to write an executive summary

How to Write an Executive Summary?

If you are looking to present extensive market research or internet survey findings, you will need to know how to write an executive summary. It effectively […]
The Cornell Note Taking Method

What is Cornell Note Taking Method

While in college, the volume of studying and presentations that instructors deliver might be daunting. The Cornell note-taking method is the ideal way to study. Occasionally […]
plant physiology

Understanding the Basics of Plant Physiology

The physiology and functioning of plants are described in plant physiology. It’s a botanical subcategory that mainly covers photosynthesis, respiration, hormone functions, nastic motions, feeding, phototropism, […]
Parallel Structure

Parallel Structure in the English language

Parallelism (often known as parallel structure) uses a similar grammatical form in two or more parts of a phrase in English grammar. Nonparallel structure Parallel structure […]