Gun Control Essay

Writing a Gun Control Essay

The present world is full of conflicts, violence and political strife, and the limitations of the use of arms remain one of the most debatable and […]
Textual Analysis

The Basics of Textual Analysis

Quite a broad term, textual analysis refers to the understanding, interpretation and analysis of texts. Different information like the literal meaning, subtext, assumptions, values etc., can […]
Briefing Paper

How to write a Briefing paper?

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Literary Analysis Essay

Tips for Writing Literary Analysis Essay

A literary analysis essay is somewhat distinct from general essay writing. In the educational period, students write analytical essays to enhance understanding, analytics, and reading skills. […]

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Editing Checklist for Higher Grades

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Four Types Of Sentences

A Short Guide On How To Use The Four Types Of Sentences

Language is learnt with the help of proper punctuations and structuring, which helps us deliver our messages and ideas in a more meaningful way so that […]