Correlation vs causation

Correlation vs Causation: Definition, Differences And Examples

The statistical association between the variables is termed a correlation, whereas the effect of change of one variable on another is called causation. In research, there […]
How To Start A Narrative Essay

How To Start A Narrative Essay

Readers are always attracted to a good piece of writing from the start. Similar should be the case with academic papers like a narrative essay. The […]
Taboo words

Taboo words: Usage in academic writing

Several words and phrases are considered acceptable in everyday informal conversations but are not acceptable in academic writing like a thesis paper or a dissertation. In […]
Content analysis

Content analysis and Its Use in Research

By definition, ,content analysis is a type of research that helps identify and look for patterns in communication. The analysis is done using a systematic collection […]

Art History Research Paper Topics

Writing on art can be a challenging task, especially if you are not good at it. Understanding the symbolism behind the art and the artist’s idea […]
longitudinal study

What is a Longitudinal Study?

In a longitudinal study, the researcher aims to examine the same individuals to monitor and detect changes over time. A type of correlational research, a longitudinal […]
Descriptive research

Descriptive Research: Method, Definition and Examples

The primary objective of descriptive research is to describe a situation or phenomenon in a systematic manner. It cannot answer the ‘whys’; however, it can answer […]
Double Blind Study

Everything You Need to Know About Double Blind Study

Subjects in experimental research are randomly given to either the control or treatment group. A double blind study has group assignments of every subject from the […]
Research Process

Step-by-Step Research Process

Writing a dissertation or thesis can be difficult as you may struggle with where to start. So, it begins with the research process. First, choose an […]