Transactional Model Of Communication

Understanding The Transactional Model Of Communication

Are you looking to improve your communication skills? Have you heard about the transactional model of communication? If not, this article will give you all the […]
controlled experiment

What is a controlled experiment?

Researchers often manipulate independent variables to understand the effect on the dependent variables when conducting research. In the case of a controlled experiment, all other variables […]
Why do students plagiarize

Why do students plagiarize?

It is quite common for students to underestimate their academic capabilities and sort to academic dishonesty in the hope of getting better grades. Plagiarism is caused […]
Arithmetic vs Mathematics

Arithmetic vs Mathematics

Arithmetic vs mathematics, although being part of the same subject both are two different things. However, many fail to make the proper distinction between these two […]
extended essay topics

Extended essay and 100 extended essay topics

Before we look at some extended essay topics, we first need to understand why students should worry about writing an extended essay. Established in 1968, the […]
confounding variable

What is confounding variables, and how to reduce them?

A confounding variable is a third unmeasured variable that impacts both the cause and effect in a research study. Considering the effect of confounding variables is […]
extraneous variables

What are extraneous variables?

In experimental research, any variable that is not being actively investigated but can impact your study’s outcome is termed an extraneous variable. Suppose extraneous variables are […]
Causal Analysis Essay

A Complete Guide On How To Write A Causal Analysis Essay

Novice students can often be intimidated while writing a causal analysis essay. Choosing the proper topic, knowing the proper structure, and making the causal link for […]
How To Write An Opinion Essay

How To Write An Opinion Essay

True to its name, an opinion essay is used as an expression of your personal opinion. Throughout the content, you will need to provide arguments to […]